Saturday, 6 February 2010

Easy Listening Disco (reposted)

This is one of my favourite selections so decided to give it a second posting. Hope you enjoy it.

I've called this selection Easy Listening Disco because that's just what it is - something like a Radio 2 playlist perhaps (but a good one, of course!).

South Side Movement is a recent discovery for me and we kick off with a nice funky instrumental. Next up is The Cutter - a fun Rediffusion library track, linking on to Eddie Kendricks early disco sound with Date with the Rain.

A bit of celebrity disco at track 4, but Johnny Mathis does it so nicely we can forgive him! Then at track 5 something interesting - an uncredited female singer on Sounds Like Soul's version of Son of a Preacher Man (another Rediffusion library track), and I must say whoever she is she gives Dusty a run for her money.

Going way back in time next for the Frank Sinatra track. This and the end track are from an EP that's been lying about since I was a child. Usual classy vocals accompanied by a very uptempo and swinging Billy May Orchestra on these two tracks.

A soulful sound from session singer Rosetta Hightower next, and some more funk from LTG Exchange, then on to another track from the 1980 film Prom Night. This track accompanies the dancing at the prom disco just before all the carnage begins!

We finish up with some classic pop from one-hit wonders Ace, and some late 60s northern soul from Marilyn Powell before ending with the second Frank Sinatra track.

1.00:00South Side Movement - Mud Wind1972
2.04:25Vick Flick - The Cutter
3.06:29Eddie Kendricks - Date With the Rain1972
4.15:02Johnny Mathis - Gone, Gone, Gone1979
5.21:22Sounds Like Soul - Son of a Preacher Man1969
6.23:44Frank Sinatra - Dancing in the Dark1959
7.26:06Rosetta Hightower - Friendship Train
8.29:51LTG Exchange - Waterbed1974
9.35:22Paul Zaza - Love Me Til I Die1980
10.39:58Ace - How Long1975
11.43:06Syd Dale - Time for a Change1974
12.46:30Marilyn Powell - Something to Hold on To1968
13.49:14Frank Sinatra - Baubles, Bangles and Beads1959

Please note this mix is presented for information and demonstration only in a low bitrate mono stream