Sunday, 7 November 2010


Anyone of a certain generation will probably remember Houseparty, which appeared on the weekday afternoon ITV schedules between 1969 and 1981.

The idea was to simulate a ladies' coffee morning and this was done so effectively you had the impression you were merely "dropping in" on something that was happening anyway. The fact there appeared to be no real beginning or end (and certainly no presenter) further emphasised this.

The programme generally opened to the sound of a doorbell, but someone would already be in mid flow about knitting a pair of slacks, and ditto at the end the title music would fade in over some similar discussion. You almost had the feeling that Houseparty never actually stopped!

There are a few short clips floating around on Youtube and TVArk, but that's probably all we'll ever get to see, as this was pretty much pre-video days, and the series seems unlikely to see the light of day on DVD.

But I have found the music. It's a piece called Blue Lady by John Wallace and his Band. As far as I know it was only ever played at the end, and you generally only heard about 20 seconds of it. I feel sure this will bring back some good memories!

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Please note this mix is presented for information and demonstration only in a low bitrate mono stream

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