Saturday, 26 June 2010

The 60s Laid Bare

The title's probably a bit over-dramatic but, in the end, I couldn't think of anything better. I wanted to try and highlight what I think of as the "non-trendy" 60s, rather than the 60s of the Stones, Janice Joplin etc. This is the music that the grown-ups favoured and, as someone whose childhood spanned the whole decade, it's the music I tend to associate with the time too, having more contact with adults than teenagers.

I reckon easy-listening as we know it came into being in the 60s, and there are a few examples here, with the opening and closing tracks from Mrs Mills representing the good old-fashioned singalong which was very popular back then, but just seems to have vanished in the years since.

Another interesting development of the late 60s was how political consciousness was turned into entertainment, as illustrated by the Diana Ross & the Supremes track and the Three Degrees.

1.Mrs Mills - Winchester Cathedral1967
2.John Walker - Annabella1966
3.Matt Monro - On Days Like These1969
4.Madeline Bell - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me1968
5.Dusty Springfield - So Much Love1968
6.Diana Ross & the Supremes - Love Child1968
7.Three Degrees - I Like Being a Woman1972
8.Tony Christie - Avenues and Alleyways1971
9.Mrs Mills - Bye Bye Blackbird1964

Please note this mix is presented for information and demonstration only in a low bitrate mono stream

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Anonymous said...

I love the swingin 60's. Thank you Grooveroom for this reminder into the past.